What is Tercel?


a male hawk, usually a male peregrine falcon

the tercel swooped down and bit off the chipmunks head.


A very reliable car made by the toyota corp. Often mistaken as cheap rather then afordable. These cars have been known to last as long as 600k miles on a single engine. :-)

A modified tercel: Ultamate understatment, This car has very few aftermarket parts making it a true tunner only car. This car requires lots of love and time to make, mold, bend, and weld one off parts. If done up right you have a very light nimble fwd compact that you can bank on. A fully modified tercel will be gawked at nomatter how good it looks due to peoples stereo-typical ignorance. The tercel is particulary useful in the rare sport of fwd drifting; not crappy e-brake style oversteer.

see "left foot braking", "drifting"

Your car is ghetto. Why are you driving a turdcel.

Meh... you'll see. ;-)


The greatest ghetto car on the planet!

I drive a bitchin Tercel, you wish you had one!


Slang for a any small underpowered car that has a detrimental effect on traffic patterns due to the limitations of the vehicle.

see Chicken Chaser

There's two kind of cars: Those with eight or more cylinders and tercels.

See civic, beater, grandma


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