Testicle Festival

What is Testicle Festival?


1) a predominately male gathering, usually used when referring to a party or social gathering.

2) a situation where the ratio of pimps to hos is greater than 2 to 1

3) sausage fest

"Where were all the bitches last night?! Total testicle festival."


When all of the guests at a particular party are male.

Danny hoped his party would attract tons of hot local bitches, but as the night progressed it became clear that his living room had become a complete testicle festival.

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See nutsack


See "Pickle Party" - Too many guys...not enough sluts...therefore Pickle Party

ooooohhhh..i went to the 10th Reunion of Bros! Total Pickle Party, they were still pumping semen from that gay cunts stomach! ooooohhhh...


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