What is Testicle Shitting Rectal Wart?


This is a nothing expression, but is from the South Park

movie. I believe Terrence or Philip called the other

one this, but it is in the first 10 minutes of the movie.


History of the phrase: Used in the southpark movie after the boys went to see the terrance and philip movie.


Testicle shitting - one who takes it in the ass, or eats balls either because they are gay or a sucky individual

rectal wart - A person who is so low on the intelligence meter or so annoying they only qualify as a rectal wart.

testicle shitting rectal wart - a gay person who takes it in the ass or an individual that "eats balls" who only qualifies as a rectal wart.

that testicle shitting rectal wart!! he failed me on my test

See testicle, shitting, rectal, wart, suck, gay, balls, ass


its a wart on some ones ass that shits testicles.

yo, thats one nasty testicle shitting rectal wart!!


rectal wart

looks like little zit


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