What is Text?



To send a SMS message from one person to another via Mobile Phone (cellphone)

Have you texted James about tonight?


a message sent between cell phones.

I just got another text from him.

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1. Synonym for a book, typically one for learning purposes, but can stand in for any kind of book in general.

2. The characters that are displayed when one types a message on the computer be it letters, numbers, or symbols.

3. An alternate form of communicating on a cell phone by sending a SMS message to another cell phone. Typically used when it is an inappropriate time to speak on the phone (i.e. during work, a class, funeral, etc.)

1. Uggh, did you understand anything in text for English class?

2. I tried to read this guy's message on the debate forum, but the sheer amount of text turned away my interest.

3. Hey, did you recieve my text about the concert tonight?

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An unfortunate side-effect to literacy.

Synonyms: words, letters, boring, funny sticky things, WTF?

Lamar: "I hate having to read all this text."

Joseph: "I just see lots of lines and scribbles."

Lamar: "I envy you."

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A language used by kids for SMS messages which is totally incomprehensible.

ROFL I tp ts msg nucfrwims POS i14yo what ur asl

See fuko


The letters you are reading now.

A collection of marks which represents a sound.

This is text, you fool.

Person 1: Why are you looking up stupid words? Haven't you got anything better to do?

Person 2: Which idiot defined this word?

M. Beke: I did.


verb - to have a conversation with someone only in text messaging

"Have you talked to Scotty lately?"

"Yeah, we had text last night"


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