What is Textsex?


1. Sexually-themed communications through text messaging.

2. Communicating sexually to another person through a cell phone or Blackberry via SMS or MMS text-messaging protocols.

Guy A: So, did you ever meet that chick from OkCupid?

Guy B: No, she was in middle school so we just had textsex.

Guy A: Smooth moves, brotha. The cops won't be knocking at your door.

(Guys high-five.)


Examples of textsex-ing:

Chick: howz work? wanna play l8r?

Dude: gawd, my ballz ache for ur mouth

Chick: only if u slip me teh shocker baby!


Dude: ive got a major boner. r u wet?

Chick: im on my period

Dude: my boner went away


Chick 1: i gotta new drilldo 2day for us

Chick 2: im creaming my hairy puss now

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Textsex (verb)

1) The exchange of text messages (SMS) of an explicit nature in order to achieve some minor sexual gratification.

2) The simulation of sex via textual communications in a role play style (similar to cybersex)

Example: I had textsex with him last night.

Example2: Let's have textsex...

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