What is Tfs?


(acronym) Means Thanks For Sharing. This is used when someone doesn't want to hear what you're saying.

It can mean, "Please don't tell me more, I don't really want to know this".

Often used by cynical or sarcastic people.

Along the lines of tmi

Jacob: God, I have to go pee so bad!

Ben: TFS.

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tfs means "thanks for sharing", in a sarcastic way.

"I caught my mom and dad having sex"

"tfs moron"

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true fucking story.

yoo that bitch was hella ugly! TFS

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tfs means "thanks for sharing", in a sarcastic way.

"I caught my mom and dad in bed"

"tfs, moron!"

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True Fuckin Story !

"I just banged that girl, TFS"

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Graffiti artists in the Los Angeles area.

TFS bombed up my wall again last night.



best band ever, still young but nonetheless they are amazing. first album comes out soon, great live band.

Tom: did you see the TFS concert last night?

Joe: yeah, it was orgasmic.

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