What is Tgo?


TGO : The Gay One.

TGO is usually used within groups of young people to denote the homosexual within the group. On average young people have only one gay friend, so the label TGO allows others to recognise the homosexual in the group without drawing attention to the fact, which could give rise to an embarrassing social situation for all involved. Especially TGO.

TGO is a term of affection, denoted through the popular chant 'TGO, TGO, TGO' to the rhythm of 'USA, USA, USA'. This chant usually takes place whenever TGO makes a contribution, usually irrelevant, to the group's discussion. This is to let TGO know the group recognises his existence, and do in fact believe he is an important member of the group, despite members of the group muttering other homosexual slander, unbeknown to TGO himself. This chant can on occasion, turn sour, with the group reverting to simply "Gay, gay, gay".

TGO would usually dine on frozen pizza, alongwith a trusty coke, and talk incessantly of penis.

Robbo: "I think Ben is coming too."

Outsider: "Which one is Ben again?"

Robbo: "TGO!"

Outsider: "Ah of course, TGO."

TGO: "Did you know that in fact the 50 states of USA are actually made up of 46 states and 4 commonweal..."

(Interrupted by group chanting)

Group: "TGO! TGO! TGO!"

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It means The Great One.

Yo dmx is the best just start calling him TGO.

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To be TGO you must be above cool.

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"Oh.. you don't like TGO, okay then, you're a fag."

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