What is The All American Rejects?


A good band not formed by mtv

The other defininition and the person who added it are gay


A very good band that most guys don't apperciate b/c their girlfriends are too busy drooling over the hot ass lead singer/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler and their jelous b/c there's no way in hell that someone could look as hot as these two guys. Best song by them would have to be the Cigarette Song. So all of you need to shut the hell up and take some time and really listen to them cause they're kick ass.

The All American Rejects roxers ur boxers!


greatness!!!!!tyson is hot! best band eva!

ARR rox my sox!!!!!!!!!


a good band that has lost some of their luster. their members are tyson ritter, bass and vocals, nick wheeler, guitar and vocals, mike kennerty, guitar and vocals, chris gaylor, drums. they started out with their first album "the all american rejects" which was a great album. their sophmore album "move along" was also a classic. their third album, though still good, was a bit of a letdown. their other two are only remembered by long time fans, and now every 13 year old girl in the country is putting proclaming "OMG!!!! WHEN YOU SEE MY FACE I HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL"

you will also find that on their myspace and facebook status updates.

do yourself a favor and check out their first two albums to get to know the real rejects. check out their songs like why worry, happy endings, don't leave me, dance inside, straight jacket feeling, change your mind, and time stands still.

13 year old girl: "i hope this gives you hell! omg!!"

true all american rejects fan: "you poser, you don't even know the all american reject's true style. go check out their songs like move along, why worry, don't leave me, and dance inside"

13 year old girl: "what is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

true all american rejects fan: "go listen to lady gaga you poser."

a good man: dude, the all american rejects are a good band

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The best thing to happen to American music since Aerosmith. They have kickass songs like Move Along, Stab My Back, Swing Swing and Gives You Hell. And no, they do NOT sound like the Jonas Brothers.

Dude 1: Hey dude sucks becuz they say 'All Americans are Rejects'.

Dude 2: Go shove some Jonas Brothers up your ass. The all american rejects kick ass.

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a great band formed by lead singer/frontman tyson ritter and nick wheeler in stillwater, oklahoma later adding chris gaylorand mike kennerty good music. hott and the only reason people like them is cuz of there one hit wonder "dirty little secret" theres better songs in that album hence, stab my back, and dance inside. check out eyelash wishes, and kiss yourself goodbye as well.

omg! did you the all american rejects?

yaa they were awsome!

i hope to get a concert ticket

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A bunch of preppy boys with guitars that think they're punk.

"Swing Swing Swing blah blah blah..."


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