The Big Rims Theory

What is The Big Rims Theory?


Theory on what has caused the deterioration of American culture and lack of drive in American youth, brought upon by the austentacious type of living or lifestyle exhibited by hip-hop musical artists or members of the urban culture.

Theory derived from the incremental increase of chrome rim sizes on vehicles driven by rap/hip-hop artists. Circa 1998, the introduction of 20-inch rims in hip-hop songs induced a frenzy and perception that "the bigger the rims, the more money you have."

This subconscious belief has caused rim sizes to increase over time, thus causing the urge for more lavish spending, which is primarily exhibited by the hip-hop culture in mainstream American media (ie hip-hop music, music videos, clothing lines, jewelry aka "bling-bling," "grills," large vehicles, mansions etc).

The rim size inceases correlate to the cosumer-driven market and mentality displayed by Americans. This belief has caused a dilemma in American culture, in that one is never satisfied with what they have, they always seek the need to attain more wealth, hence leading to greed.

The decline in American youth is shown by the younger generations striving for careers in music, acting, or athletics, instead of striving for education or opportunities in more contemporary career fields.

The Big Rims Theory helps explain why there is worldwide perception that all Americans are greedy and extremely individualistic.

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