The Carnegie Pulse

What is The Carnegie Pulse?


As Carnegie Mellon's first exclusively online student-run news source, The Carnegie Pulse aims to bring high-quality, relevant news and opinions to the fingertips of students, faculty, and staff.

First and foremost, the Pulse is committed to factual, objective reporting. We strive to represent the interests of Carnegie Mellon's on- and off-campus community, and commit ourselves to treating writers and readers with great respect. The Pulse is free from sensationalism and bias, and though we are officially recognized by the University, we are independently financed and motivated.

With frequent postings, the Pulse will keep readers up to date with campus and community news. We encourage readers to submit their feedback, so that we can best respond to their needs and interests. We see our online forum as an appropriate means for communicating with such a technologically advanced university.

The Pulse is also designed to be a useful experience for aspiring journalists. Contributors will be required to meet deadlines and will receive regular feedback from readers, editors, and other members of writing-related fields. Still, writers will have a strong voice in the final presentation of their articles, and will be aware of any factual or stylistic corrections as they are made, ensuring their creative control.

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