The Claw

What is The Claw?


-an action created by Dennis Dumphy in Sioux Lookout Ontario, where the hand is raised in the shape of a "claw" directly in front of ones self and thrown forward and backward to the beat of a song.Usually incorporated with headbanging.

-an acceptable alternative action to thrusting ones hand in the air during a concert

-a song by Oceans Over Arcane

they simultaneously raised there hands into the claw....and in the distance the faint sound of CUMMINOUTYEAHHHAAAAAAAA could be heard.

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An ill-desired technique for implementing a hand job (often given by inexperienced girls to perhaps simulate an orifice). All five fingers are pinched together, the penis is inserted between the fingers while the hand attempts to stimulate the male. Often referenced to negatively due to its lackluster performance.

Guy1: "Yo, my shift is killin me!"

Guy2: "What happened, did she give the claw again last night."

Girl: "Hey Steve, do you want to come to my house after school?"

Steve: "Bitch, its not worth the gas if you're just gunna gimme the claw again."

Guy1: "What's worse than getting the claw?"

Guy2: "I don't know, I actually don't mind it!"

Guy1: "Well then you're telling me that you don't like to bust."

It sucks that you have carpal tunnel, but this wouldn't be an issue if you weren't always giving guys the claw!

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Used when proclaiming that something is brutally death metalor just plain brutal. In order to perform the claw you must raise your arm high in front of you for all to see while your hand takes on the form of a "claw"

1. "That was so brutally death metal - the claw - "

2. "That was so brutal - the claw - "

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A sexual occurrence in which the male's yam bag is pinched and pulled upward by a hefty woman's butt cheeks (in a girl-on-top position) until the yam bag can no longer stretch, causing the ball bag to drop, similar to the motion in a claw-grabbing prize arcade machine.

Poindexter: "Did you see Jeff's date last night? He said he boned that fattie!"

Ralph: "Yeah, I bet 'The Claw' was in full effect in his room!"

Dirt McGirt: "At least she didn't bust a 'Watery Ending' after she finished. That would've made him have to burn the sheets."

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A sexual technique implemented on women whereby the index and middle finger are inserted into the vagina, and the thumb is inserted into the anus simultaniously.

Two in the pink, one in the stink.


A sexual technique where a female has 3 somewhat curled fingers (index, middle, and ring fingers) resembling a claw inserted into her vagina/anus.

Paul, did you give her the claw?

Yeah, I clawed her.

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the same idea as the shoker. the males hand is kind of shaped like a "C" or of course.. a claw. the male inserts his thumb into the girls anus and his remaining fingers into her vagina. This was invented by Kristen and Joel.

the shocker was too gentle, so i gave her the claw

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