The Dannies

What is The Dannies?


An irresistable compulsion to fondle, kiss or grope members of the same sex while intoxicated. Also known as "The Birthday Dannies" or "The Raging Dannies"

Man, did you see Josh try to kiss Jeff after he blew out the candles at his birthday party? He was all over him. Talk about a case of "The Dannies"

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a post post-rock group originating from Ottawa, Canada. The group consists of 12 members each of which plays a number of different instruments ranging from electronic effects to found noise and electric guitars.

Their shows are described as a fury of noise, intensity and emotion which has caused many people to weep uncontrollably.

"I often listen to The Dannies when I am feeling fragile"

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Phrase used to express paralyzing shock. The shock can be from fear, awe, beauty, whatever ya want.

Reference to the movie The Shining, specifically when Danny is frozen, shaking, and drooling.

See sublime.

The Blair Witch Project gave me the dannies!

The part at the end of 2001 was so good/scary/weird it gave me the dannies!

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