The Davids

What is The Davids?


muscly lines separating a man's thigh/hip-region from the torso.

the name comes from the statue of david by michalangelo.

this region is sometimes confused with the gruffudd (the hair above the penis).

he has hot davids, he works out.

i love to touch the davids of guy, even a guy who's not in shape.

See cut lines, cock cuts, the gruffudd, torso, hips, thighs, six pack, muscle, synecdoche


muscly lines separating a man's torso from his hips/thighs.

these lines point the way to 'The Gruffudd.'

always used with 'the'

the davids point to the gruffudd

See cock lines, cock cuts, cut lines, pube, pelvis, muscle, the gruffudd, synecdoche


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