The Dirty Frenchman

What is The Dirty Frenchman?


Your mad at your significant other and want to let them know about it, right before work. You go into the washroom you both use, knowing they will have to use it after you, and take the slam(dump) of the century. You hop into the shower and when your done crank up the water temperature all the way to the left, making the bathroom steam and reak of shit. You quickly exit the bathroom and your significant other walks in, you hold the door shut... and voila... the dirty frenchman has been accomplished.

hey buddy, last night Jess was being a bitch so this morning i pulled the dirty frenchman manouver on her

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White wine or champagne made dirty by adding olive juice. The drink came about from an episode of the cartoon "Home Movies"

"Time to forget the book and make some drinks of my own. Let's see, wine, olive juice, voila! The Dirty Frenchman!"

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