The Grudge

What is The Grudge?


The horror style is very much like the ring. It messes with your mind alot and makes you all jumpy. I say it's very scary and suspenseful.. but that's my opinion.

I lost two freakin' nights of sleep over the grudge


A somewhat scary movie that makes you feel mind fucked. mind fuck

The plot in this movie makes no sense, I'd just shoot that crazy zombie bitch

See ???


A great song by Tool, that came out long before the movie. Track one of their latest cd Lateralus (released 2001).

Me: Did you hear track one off Lateralus, I love that song.

My Friend: Yea that song is The Grudge.

See tool, lateralus, maynard, maynard james keenan, apc


A scary looking movie.

It looks like a mix of The Ring/Gothika and any ideas of horror movies that were found really scary.

The Grudge comes on soon.


A scary movie based in japan about some crazy japanese bitch that died and haunts people whoever steps in the house she died in.

That kid that sounded like a cat was FUCKED UP AND DUMB. THE GRUDGE WAS THE WORST MOVIE!


(N.) A new japanese-filmed Horror Movie that's part Scream, and Part Kill Bill. It'll suck ass.

I seen the Trailer for The Grudge at Apple Downloads.


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