The Krazy Taco

What is The Krazy Taco?


A fine, fine restaurant in the world of Jhonen Vasquez's "Invader Zim". Mascot is Krazy Taco Man, in other words, God. Anyways, Gir wants to get TACO!!!!s from this wonderful vicinity and Zim resists letting him. Poor, poor Gir..... Anyways, another restaurant in the IZ world is Bloaty's Pizza Hog, but do NOT confuse this with the Krazy Taco. Wow, I'm just hungering for a taco right now. Mmmm....nice and meaty. Speaking of meat there's also another restaurant called McMeaty's, but this is supposed to be about the Krazy Taco, so I'll shut up about McMeaty's. OOoh, and there is also a place called Deelishus Weenie. or something. I'm not sure how the name is spelled. hmm.....I can't think of anything else informative about this topic. Sooooo......ummm....seeya!

"Man, I reeeeeally feel like getting some food at the Krazy Taco."-me ------- "So take it from me, the Krazy Taco! You won't find a crazier taco then the ones you'll find at the Krazy Taco! Remember, our Drive-Thru's open the whole niiight! Sweet jumpin' chili bean I'm crazy!"- Krazy Taco Man ---------


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