The Lasso

What is The Lasso?


An omnivirous, cube-dwelling mammal. Native to the Pacific Northwest, he prefers abstaining from intimacy during the better part of the year. He also avoids social gatherings including alcohol, as this may impare his ability to tick and/or tie any numbers. His cohorts include The Hatchet, Pecker, Brunsteen, Papa Doug, and "The Firm Hates You" Isler.

KS- Hey Lasso, you wanna come to lunch with us today?

The Lasso- I would, but I need to tick and tie these figures on ABC Inc's Balance Sheet.

Senior Manager (in his head)- Boy, that Lasso kid sure is a go-getter. And not to be gay or anything, but I'll bet he's a dynamo in the sack.


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