The Panics

What is The Panics?


A rock band that originating from Perth, Australia. Has already within a few years shot from unknown status to semi-well known and has released some very tight albums, some of their tracks being featured on tv/movies.

Destined to be famous everywhere, The Panics play music which is like nothing else out there. Exquisitely atmospheric, whilest still down to earth with a distinctive live sound, but does this without producing the sometimes overwhealming "wall of sound" that other indie bands can be notorious for.

The Panics are becomming famous.

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Stands for People Acting Normal In Crazy Situations. Made by the same incredible minds behind Red vs Blue called Rooster Teeth. The show is currently not as popular, and hasn't been around as long a RVB.

Sorry, right now I have now quotes or funny things to say, so just go check it out for yourself.

Man, I loved the third episode of the PANICS!

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