The Pass

What is The Pass?


"The Pass" is in referance to a "balls deep" foot to the floor whoop-section charging move executed by a certain Matt "T" while at the 2006 Laughlin Desert Challenge off road race. The legend goes that Matt "T" drove his race truck at a high rate of speed between 2 other race trucks in very close proximity though said whoop section, all the while in front of the main grandstands where it was witnessed by hundreds of spectators and filmed and photographed by dozens of media personel. "The Pass" was made possible due to the above said driving characteristics as well as the fact that; A: "ESB M" said no one was coming up on us so we didnt need to go fast, and B: our race truck was handling like ass due to varying front suspension failures.

"The Pass" was possibly the craziest thing I have seen in all my years of desert racing...

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