The Shwa

What is The Shwa?


A shit city in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area). Nestled between Kingston and Toronto along with a bunch of other shitty cities(Pickering, Bowmanville), Oshawa's pollution remains high in quantity and area. Thanks to the GM Plant, the biggest plant in the world, located in South Oshawa, basically everyone in Oshawa either commutes to Toronto or works at the GM plant. Oshawa is divided into 4 parts:

North Oshawa: Where white people roam. Basically the only part of Oshawa that you can walk around at night, and without fear of getting stabbed to death.

South Oshawa(Business District): Very few houses, very clogged streets and little kids getting run over by cops. The schools in South Oshawa are falling apart.

East Oshawa: Bordering with Courtice, filled with an equal number of white people and black people. The new residential houses are okay, but the old ones fall apart and suck.

West Oshawa: A huge metropolis of Dairy Queens, Lil' Caesars' Pizzaria's and schools that are falling apart. Wayy too much apartment buildings. I swear, if one were to fall over, it would create a huge domino effect and it would knock out all of West Oshawa. Clogged with smoke and traffic, this is probably the worst part of Oshawa. Also referred to as "shit city".

Shwa'ster 1: y0 man lahk ah live in tha ghetto-est paht of the whole of the 'shwa man! yeeh, repruhsent!

'Shwa-ian: What the fuck? You live in a $300, 000 house, "mah niga". Get a job, white boy.


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