The Whip

What is The Whip?



my man just got a new whip.


Predominantly used in the early 1980's, The Whip is anything that is fresh, far out, rockin, neat, cool, funky, awesome, great, etc. Can be used for many different things.

However, if something isn't cool, it's "like the whip" because nothing can be like the whip, either it is or it isn't.

Man, your new car is the whip!

Did you see her? She was the whip!

That pizza I just ate was the whip!

See Joe


adj. - uses modifier "the"

In general, the phrase is used to describe something - an object, person, event, experience - impressive in nature. Similar in expression to the term, "the bomb."

Dude, that movie was the whip.

See amazing, awesome, excellent, the shit, lame, ordinary


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