What is Thedirty?


thedirty: A gossip blog based in Scottsdale, AZ, operated by Hooman Karamian under the moniker of Nik Richie. Posts pictures of people acting stupid, Makes fun of douchebags, posers, 30k millionaires, and people who get arrested for dui. Somewhat ironic, considering Hooman was arrested for DUI in January 2008 and he is by all accounts a douchebag. However, that sort of irony and self depreciating lighthearted humor is exactly what makes the website so entertaining and addicting.

Dude, I hope no one took a picture of me pissing outside the bar after closing time. That could end up on thedirty.

I looked at the grimy glendaleblog, but there's only so much white trash one can take. that's why I get my fix on thedirty.

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