Thousand Palms

What is Thousand Palms?


thousand palms is an unincorporated city in imperial county nestled against the indio hills and right off the 10 freeway. This town is pretty much the ghetto of coachella valley and consists mostly of tweekers and lower class individuals that are involved in different levels of criminal activities. Besides being close to the Agua Caliente CAsino there is nothing else to do in this sweaty shit hole except for getting drunk with your bro's and taking the trucks up to sun city and rompin the shit out of it untill you either run out of gas or run out of brewskies. If you are in town and want some pookie just go down to shelter drive and hit up greg or someone else sitting on their couch along the street in front of their house. Thousand palms can be explored completely in about the time it takes the average person to drink a 40 oz and in that time you will have seen the slum first hand and will either like it or head for the highway never to return again.

TP guy : Hey bro how long till your down in thousand palms mofo ?

Cat City homeboy : What the fuck are we gonna do if I cruz down there brah ?

TP guy : Dude dont even sweat it we can buy a 30 pack of natural ice a pack of pall malls and take the dodge up to sun city or maybe even take the power line roads up to edom hill and shoot the hi point nigga . . .

CAT city guy : nah dude that place is a shit hole and id rather cruz down to the strip and check out all the hot shot gay guys and secretly masturbate to them while sitting at one of the trendy bars . ..

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