What is Throw?


tha ghetto verion of tite, kool

dat club wuz throw nigga!

See mag


to hold(a party or gathering)

Let's throw a party for mum tonight!

See hold, throw, have, has


to engage in sexual activity

A gurl....u tryna' throw?

See fuck, throwing, throwin, beat it up, stick


quicker form of graffiti art usually done with a basic fill, outline 3d and a shell, more of a round style to the letters

Yo i saw my boy cope2 doing a sick ass throw on main.

See graffiti, piece, getting up, mural, art


throw is the verb used to give money that will be used to buy marijuana that will be smoked between you and your friends

"yo guys, i wanna smoke sooo bad"

"yeah me too, I'll throw $5"

See weed, grass, money, l, ride, dope, niggers


v. Basically means do. Replace any common use of the word do and it will make sense.

1. Yo Sean, let's go throw some bowls.

2. Yo Cody, let's go throw some hacky sack?

3. Donald, throw some Call of Duty 4 after school?

See smoke, run, weed, bowls, sack


To vomit or throw up

"Dude thats some nasty stuff, I think I'm gonna throw"

See throw up, vomit, blow chunks, spew, hurl, heave, spit up, regurgitate


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