Thug Rife

What is Thug Rife?


Description of the life of rich suburban white kids with too much time on their hands pretending that they live in the harsh ghetto.

Defining characteristic is driving around a shitty rice rocket and annoying the piss out of everyone with a job and a brain.

*brooooooooom* (the sound of a loud-as-fuck rice rocket roaring through the parking lot of a starbucks)

A: Mother fucking assholes... they're going to hit all of what? 65mph before those rims fly off?

B: Bah, they think they're living the thug rife. THUG RIFE 4 EVA! Dumb shits.

*crash* Sound of ricer plowing into the back of an 18 wheeler.

A: I love Darwin.

See eggie


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