Thunder Punch

What is Thunder Punch?


A fucking MAGICAL drink created by Justin L. Only available at Taco Bell. You know its Thunder Punch when its a clear-ish grey. It taste like fucking Jesus.


- 2/5 Sierra Mist

- 2/5 Baja Blast Mountain Dew

- 1/5 Pink Lemonade

Justin: Hey, let's go to Taco Bell and get some fucking THUNDER PUNCH!

Devin: FUCK YEAH! I wanna fucking Thunder Punch a baby! Then fuck its mom's brains out!

Justin: Fuck Yeah! Let's go.

Bill Clinton: Drink Thunder Punch! It's fucking delicious!

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A type of punch Bruce Lee invented usually reserved for the lower extremities of a man -- the junk.

Ex A.

Dude, you are being an ass, I'm totally going to thunder punch you in the junk.

Ex B.

Zombie Bruce Lee: Hyahhhhh!!!!11!!!1 (punch)

Me: Fuck, Bruce Lee's motherfucking zombie just gave me the thunder punch. Now I have ball hurt.

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One of the best drinks ever created. Thanks to Myself (the mix) n Scot C (for the name). Powerade/Gatorade Fruit Punch, mixed with Barcardi Sour Apple and Captian Morgan Parrot Bay Passion Fruit.

Some Random Guy: "Dude what is that drank, it tastes soooo goood"

Me (mad drunk): " Its.. THUNDER PUNCH!!!!"

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Aggressive fisting; the goal being to insert the entire fist in one thrust.

"Thunder punch? That's raunch."

"Raunch? What are you talking about? What would that even mean?"

"I don't know! Violent... (anal) fisting."

"You're sick."

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Thunder Punch or Thunder Punching is a sexual act performed on a female. It is when you are doing a girl from behind (In the pussy or monkey of course)when all of a sudden you spit on the girl's back. You quickly pull out, and Punch your fist into the girl's pussy and yell "THUNDER PUNCH". Then continue with the pounding.

"Hey Danny, I thunder punched this girl's monkey like 5 times last night."

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A variation of the back hand Pimp Slap , but used with a closed fist with less finesse more brute force.

thu thu thu thunnnnnder punch !

The sound which one hears before getting thunder punched.

My broad dont be listening too well so i gotz to thunder punch her in the head to get her to obey !!

See punch, punked, smacked, Delgado


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