What is Thunderbox?


A toilet

This is Australian slang

It is called a thunderbox because sometimes when you go to the loo you fart, and it sounds like thunder. I don't think I have to explain the box part.

Ah that felt good! I did a big one in the thunderbox just now! Boy it smells!


A box built for shitting in. Often found on campsite grounds.

I really let loose with a storm of poop on the thunderbox.

See Graham


restroom,or toilet

"I have a horrible case of the runs,could you please direct me to the thunderbox."


A funny word for a woman's vagina.

"How far did you get with Betty last night?"

"Let's just say her thunderbox and I are now good friends"

"Score dude. Cause I understand that the word 'thunderbox' means 'vagina'!"


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