What is Thwok?


to hit a girl in the face with your johnson

my girl was asleep so i decided to thwok her to waker her up

See thwock, mollywop, mushroom stamp, johnson, tea bag


Dangerous and painful but often hilarious game played around a campfire, involving burning marshmallows. The object of "Thwok" is to start a marshmallow on fire at the end of your stick and then flick the gooey object, lacross style, at the person across the fire, yelling "Thwok!" at the critical moment. Top points are given for sending the marshmallow into the other person's hair, although any part of the body or clothing will do. Not recommended for children under 12, or anyone who wants to avoid premature blindness.

What's that in your hair? It's marshmallow--some asshole thwoked me at the campfire last night.

See game, painful, marshmallow, gooey, fire, burning


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