What is Thwop?


To slap a person with the penis across the face, see ex.

"Aw man, what should we do to wake him up?


See Ross


The act of releasing the male genitalia from the pants and striking the (preferably) opposite sex making this comic-book sound.

Allan pulled out his skinflute and thwoped Pamela in the throat.


To Thwop,an action. The sound made when a male takes his penis and hits a random female in the head with it. usually used to signify someone that deserves being hit in the head by a dickn also be used as a sexual action.

Lets go out tonight,get hammered and im Thwoping every broad in there tonight.

Let me Thwop some sense into this dumb broad.

See head, hit


1. n. The sound mashed potatoes make while being served.

2. v. To serve mashed potatoes, creating a "thwop"ing sound.

Would you kindly thwop me some mashed potatoes?

See The Grammar Nazi


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