What is Thx?


Bastardization of 'Thnx,' which is a bastardization of 'Thanx,' which is a bastardization of 'Thanks,' which is a bastardization of 'Thank You.'

<Biatch>: I killed your rabbit!

<bish>: thx

<Biatch>: np

See bastardized bottomburp


Digital Mastering created by George Lucas, Used in Many theaters, makes movies look good and sound good.

"that movie was in THX"

See Rocko


What illiterate fucks who can't spell use for "thank you" online. Bastards.

hay dood, thx fer teh info.


1. bastardization of "thanks"; usually said in online conversations

A: ttyl

B: ya, ok thx

See sah


thanks, used in e-mail, on message boards, and chat rooms online

Say hello to my grandmother for me ok thx.

See internet slang, thnx, thanx


Don't have a clue what this stands for, but it's a digital theatrical sound system developed by Lucasfilm Ltd. It was named after the classic George Lucas film, THX-1138.

"That megaplex near the mall has THX!"


A commonly used word for the lazy asses, who dont have the energy to type "6" letters.

man:You have a big ass, ass.


man:You dumbass.


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