What is Thy?


Posesive adjetive.. their your

Hallowed be thy name

See thy, their, your, his, its


1. An extremely refreshing drink, which contains 2 teaspoons of sexy, 1 cup of fucking unique, and 3 quarts of shut the fuck up.

Dude, that kid is fucking Thy.

See thy, sexy, unique, shut, the, fuck, up


the name given to only the most wonderful vietnamese girls

Thy! I love you very much but you need to eat your pho now!


1. A girls name of Vietnamese origin. Pronounced "tea"

2. Girls of this name characteristically of a confused nature, i.e. slow in comprehension of jokes, whimsical in nature, easily bemused or baffled, poor in judgement, generally source of monkey-like amusement to others.

Man that chick's so lost... what a Thy!

See lost, slow, confused, amusement, whimsical, judgement


the coolest girl i know she is really fun to talk to. CRAZY! for doing extra credit but we all are. shes crazy cool to hang out with and can make someone smile forever. fantastically the coolest sweetest most beautiful kindest girl in the world a wonderful friend who listens synonym: PERFECT t= terrific h= horny =P y = you betcha shes pimptastic =)

Thy is the best ever ;]


A stupid ass' WORD in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Spoken back in SHAKESPEARs times of PURE BIGOTRY. Mostly seen and used in BIBLE readings. Spoken by CHRISTIAN followers.

"Thy shall not steal.""Thy shall not kill.""Thy shall not commit adultry.""Thy shall not bare false witness." ETC.ETC.

See ruler, confusion, make, believe, chaos, simpleton, shitbrick, imbecile, fuck, you, and, off


The word that only MEGAN can use...yea thats right. BIZITCH! THY MEGAN IS THY HOT TAMALI!

me-Thats thy hot tamali


me-MEGAN U Dumb ASS!


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