Time Fighter

What is Time Fighter?


A man (DILF) or woman (MILF) (usually over 40), who would do anything to keep him/herself looking youthful. Serious time-fighting is an expensive past time that is not affordable to the general public.

Examples of legendary time fighters include Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore and Steven Lawrence Thompson.

Brian marveled at Steve's youthful appearance " I can't believe Steve is over 40! He doesn't look a day over 28!"

Eric quipped "He was the world champion time fighter in 2008, he spends on average 8 hours a day applying various creams onto his face. He does attract hundreds of tomb raiders from all over the world every year."

See dilf, milf


An older woman who trolls the bars for younger men. Synonym for Cougar, Bargoyle, MILF, etc.

Hey man, that chick over there is checking you out, she must be older than your mom, she's a real Time Fighter.

See cougar, bargoyle, milf, foxfire


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