Times Of India

What is Times Of India?


A communist rag that passes itself off as the mouthpiece of an allegedly democratic country.

Their writings typically challenge the soverign power of other counties without the opportunity for rebuttal. Propoganda is a mild word compared to the yellow journalism they are known for thoughout the world.

The touble is, that without the Internet and the value that it avails without substance, credibility or the test of time honoured history this rag has little credibilty. Even so, it is heralded as the voice of a people not far removed from anarchy and cared for still by other nations. A cry from a child who does not yet even understand why it is crying, but imposing itself as the savior of the millenium.

I read in the Times of India, how they are so much smarter than us, it's a pity we didn't happen upon them while we were yet still ameoba; turbans and all, they seemed to possess the power to lift us out of the ooze while still being fed and nurtured by those nations that they now declare they saved.

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