What is Tims?


Referring to "Timberland" brand boots.

"I was rollin' the streets wearin my Tims."

See Playa


Short for Timberland boots.

I'm lacing up my tims, then I am going to kick your azz.


nickname for glasgow celtic football fans

see him there he's no a billy he's a Tim

See DT


1. Shoes that negroes wear with baggy jeans. Only worn by the upper echelon of negros.

2. Tim Hortons in Canada

3. The name of an asian boy because his parents do not understand english

I'm a negro. Black as the night. I'm gonna go wear some ugly ass yellow shit that don't even match the blue jeans and white T-shirt on my feet because the Tims were in the closest store without security cameras.

See shoe, boot, stank, negro, nigger


Referring to Tim Hortons. A coffee and fresh baked goods chain.

We're going to Tims, wanna come?

See tims


an asain that runs CC and is not faster than heaton , and overlarged crackaddict who is Mormon,

Also gets pissed at people then runs faster.nt dance too..

oh look there goes Tims..


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