What is Tinterwhore?


one who's always tinternetting aka internettingaka "surfing" the world wide web

-they dont need to speak in any certain way

-they may just be someone thats ALWAYS signed into msn

-they tend to check there bebo/myspace/ facebookfrequently(not always though)

Example 1:-

tinterwhore 1: gawd i wuz online 4 lyke 16 hours yesterday

tinterwhore 2: ha i beat you i was on for 18 and a half

tinterwhore 1: oh i 4got bout the 3 hours i wuz on 4 in the mornin, that makes 19 :D

tinterwhore 2: D:

Example 2:-

The cause/effect of boredom

See internet, whore, internetting, world wide web, myspacewhore, msn, bebo, myspace, facebook


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