What is Todash?


A word coined by Stephen King and used in his Dark Tower series. It might be used either as adjective or noun. Todash means teleporting or time traveling (or both, since you travel in space as well as time), often through a door. You might go to "todash darkness" as well which is practically emptiness between worlds. King defines it as "the space between the walls in a house" and further implies that any kind of monstrosity might be waiting there.

He knew the dangers of going todash.

She heard the todash chimes and shuddered.

See todash, time travel, teleportation


like an out of body experience, being somewhere without being there.

"black 13 sent us all todash"


When a formula is clearly entered correctly in a spreadsheet cell but for some reason will not compute. Often occurs with circular references or when a cell is linked to many different tabs.

"The cell went todash so I had to restart my computer. It worked after that."

See excel, cell, formula, spreadsheet, function


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