What is Tonedef?


ToneDef is a band founded in 2006 by Stephen, Christophe, and Chris. Later members in clude Jeremy and Matt. The name comes from jeremy's inability to sing anything in tune.

Recordings are made using a computer microphone and the TeamSpeak application. Insturments usually include only a trumpet, but multiple trumpets, improvised drums (Dr.Worm) , and bass guitars (Infected) have been used in passed songs. Usually Stephen will play trumpet as Christophe sings, with othjers filling out the parts.

ToneDef does entirely edited covers and has not written a song to date. The GUmmi Bears Theme Song was the first song ever recorded. They have also been known to do a capella songs (for the longest time) and insturmentals (Mortal Kombat. They have one music video (Captain Planet) and one slide show, both of which are posted on YouTube and can be found by searching ToneDef.

Their first CD, My Anti-Depressent, was released on June 19th included 43 tracks and over 20 different songs. 27 copies were sold.

- Why does Tonedef sound so bad?

- Because Jeremy is singing again.

- Aw man

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