What is Tormentor?


Tormentor - A man loved by many, hated by few. This man lives mostly on the net, he is seldom spotted in real life, and if he is, you can count that pictures will hit the net pretty darn quick. This creature/human lives mostly of junkfood: Pizza, noodles and coca cola. But maybe that is why most of us love him? He is so damn human that you just gotta love him....he also likes to display his tongue a lot of the time, also known as the "tornade tongue of pleasure" between females.

"Oh shit...I saw Tormentor today!!! He was pimping around the city, a coke in his left hand, while keeping the other hand down his pants"

"I don't believe can't be? Yes it is him!"

"Heruux, Tormentor?"


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