Toss Your Salad

What is Toss Your Salad?


when u spread your ass cheeks and someone licks ur bum-hole

I dont want to toss your salad.

Do you want your salad tossed?

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originally in prison, to have someone eat your ass out, with or without jelly or salad dressing.

Forcing your new bunkmate to toss your salad is a good way to set the tone of respect that keeps him well-behaved.

If he's respectful enough, you might let him use some jelly or salad dressing on it. . .

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play with your private parts

The question is my dear boy, are you prepared to pass through this mortal coil, without that someone special, there to toss your salad ?

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The "REAL" meaning comes from JAIL...When you get (CENSORED) in the (CENSORED) by another guy ....

Then you H4wk3r and Joe_Hard it out ...

"As SH*t GEe , I'm ganna add Dressing when I Toss YOur Salad tonight !! "

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This means to jack off or to beat your meat. Not to eat ass. That is "cleaning your kitchen."

As a 16year old boy, I "tossed my salad" regularly.


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