What is Tovar?


To say something so outlandishly stupid it actually makes people around pause for more than 5 seconds so their brains can process what they have heard- Pioneered by Cesar Serrano-Tovar USAF

Tovar-"dude i stayed up all night trying to figure out if the earth was round"

Normal person listening-"man that sucks.......wait what? are you retarded"

See tovar, retard, usaf, idiot, stupid


A fat-ass female who loves cock on her lard-ass

My God that bitch is such a tovar XD


A fucking lame family who lives in California. The new generation of Tovars would like to get married with their own cousins just like the white trashes they are. The Tovars are also called "Fucktards."

Joseph:"Hey Tony, did you heard that Melissa Tovar married Andrew Tovar?"

Tony:"Of course I did! What do you expect of those bitches!"


A fucking lame family who lives in California trying to take over the world by their to stupid power of church-police.

Fred:"Careful Jason, stay away from those Tovars. They might try to convert you into one of them."

Jason:"A church-police?"




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