What is T'pau?


1. In Star Trek, the Vulcan matriarch who presided over Mr. Spock's wedding in the episode "Amok Time". Played by veteran Austro-Hungarian stage & screen actress Celia Lovsky, T'Pau was a unique figure and role model on American television at that time; an older woman in a position of mighty authority.

2. In the 1980s, an all-woman Britishpop music band led by Carol Decker. Members said they chose the name simply because they liked the way it sounded. They broke up in 1991 but reformed in 98 and are still active as of 2005.

1. -- Get the popcorn! Star Trek's on and it's the one where Spock gets married and that kick-ass older chick's in charge!

-- Yeah man, T'Pau rules, you better not say no to her! Just like my grandmother!

2. Tonight on KSOL it's the All-80s Retro Hour, tonight featuring the best of T'Pau and an interview about how they recorded their classic Heart & Soul album.


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