Trading Spouses

What is Trading Spouses?


Possibly the most baneful show on Fox Television Network. The rules of show are as follows:

1. Two families switch maternal figures for two weeks.

2. The first week the wife must oblige to the families routine activities and procedures.

3. The second week the wife may implement her guidelines and etiquette which must be adhered to by the brood to which she is a transient among.

4. Post-switch the families are reunited, each bearing a letter from the opposite wife. Along with this letter is $50,000 which is do be distributed according to the will's contained in the letter.

This show wontedly unites polar opposite family structures each week to see how the chaotic situations that are inevitable ensue playout.

Person 1- Hey did you watch Trading Spouses last night?

Person 2- No. I was busy doing something more appealing, eating pead laint.


WIFE SWAP is the show in which each mom switches families for 2 weeks. The first week she must abide by that family's rules, and then they next week she switches to her own rules.

TRADING SPOUSES takes place during ONE WEEK ONLY with the theme being, "Is the grass greener on the other side." Each mom then decides how she thinks how the other family should spend $50 grand they are given.

Trading spouses is the definition of horrible reality television.

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