What is Transracial?


A person that is born one race, but can fit into multiple races through their actions. Similar to a transethnic except a transracial does not feel that they are suppose to come from a different ethnicity.

Famous Transracials include: Barrack Obama and Tyra Banks

Nicole: I can't stand how Ashely hangs around the whites and the blacks without anyone kicking her ass.

Sally: That's the advantage of being transracial. I heard she's even gotten into the asian crowd as well.

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A transracial person is a person whose inner sense of being whatever race and/or their racial expression (their behavior, clothing, haircut, voice, and body characteristics) differ from the race assigned to them at birth. While they may have been born White, they may have always felt themselves to be Black.

Some transracial individuals express their sense of race in their dress, mannerisms, and social roles. Other may require pigment, surgical procedures or hair transplants to bring their bodies into better congruence with their racial identities.

In either case, racial identity as experienced by the individual is the key. While many people confuse transracial and multiracial people, it is important to note that being transracial does not imply any specific race; transracial people may identify with one or more races, or even all.

Because transracial people do not conform to society’s expectations for how any specific race should dress and act, they are often harassed and discriminated against. They face a multitude of obstacles in daily life including safety and physical security concerns, employment discrimination, legal obstacles, and lack of access to important health care.

That White guy sure thinks he's Black... Maybe he's Transracial.

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Transracial means that a person uses medical procedures to change their race, or attempt to.

Michael Jackson used plastic surgery so the bone structure of his face resembled a caucasion, rather than an African American, which it used to look like. He also bleached his skin and altered his hair so you can't make it into an Afro--so now it's white person hair.


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