Tree Goblins

What is Tree Goblins?


Little creatures which live in oak trees. The common goblins are green and pretty harmless. Others may randomly attack Chavs and Townies with no mercy using meat cleavers and axes in a Happy Tree Friendsstyle. Only approach if bearing apples as a gift. Never mock the soon world dominaters or they will serve your head on a platter. A Silver platter.Bow down and learn their anthem named 'hee hee hee hee' or PAY!

Townie: Aaah get these freak off me apples!!

Tree Goblins:First we shall suck out your intestines and wrap them round your neck. Townie:(Whilst dying) The horror! Oops I've died! Goblins: No one will suspect a thing hee hee hee hee.

See apples, townies


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