Trent Reznor

What is Trent Reznor?


Born Michael Trent Reznor, this all-around genius grew up in small-town Pennsylvania. He rejected his upbringing and was immensely trained as a classic pianist.

He wished to bring electronic music into the mainstream, but instead of what had been done with it in the past, he wanted to give it feeling and danger. He succeeded, if naively, with his first release under the name "Nine Inch Nails", Pretty Hate Machine in 1989.

He proved he could outdo himself with an 8-song EP stopgap "Broken" between his first release and his next. "Broken" was a solid expression of passion and fury. One of his best moments.

He followed up with "Fixed", an EP with remixes of "Broken" Songs.

In 1994, Trent broke into the mainstream with the titanic success of "The Downward Spiral". It contained his most commercially famous songs, the infamous "Closer" and "Hurt", which was later beautifully covered by Johnny Cash. "The Downward Spiral" was spun off with several remix EPs, including the extremely popular "Further Down the Spiral" and the dreaded by parents "Closer to God".

Trent and NIN (Nine Inch Nails) spent a terribly long time touring "The Downward Spiral" and afterwards, Trent had no idea what to do. This allegedly led to alcohol and coaine abuse. He got into rehab and was soon producing the LONG-AWAITED "The Fragile". When it finally came out in 1999, it was met with extreme love by most fans but with loathing by critics who said he was "losing his touch". He effectively said "FUCK YOU" to these people with the huge success of "The Fragile".

Trent fell again into the downward spiral of alcohol addiction after a full two tours of "The Fragile". He got his shit together long enough to make "With Teeth", his newest album, set to release on May 3rd, 2005.

Trent Reznor's music has saved my life several times. I owe my life to "The Fragile", which I listened to whenever I felt like I couldn't go on.

Trent is a prodigy in music, as he can play and he writes ALL the parts for ALL the instruments. He records all his music and mixes. No live studio recordings. The only thing he has trouble playing is the drumkit, which he can just bust out insane rhythms on a drum synth.


me-dude did you get me those trent reznor tickets?

keith-it's "nine inch nails"

me-like hell it is!


Greatest lyrical and industrial electronic artist of all time.

Trent Reznor is god.

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I don't get this entirely... Just, Reznor is a deep person. He has insightful lyrics, that have saved my life more than once. I hate the mall goths who say they like Nine Inch Nails... it's a one-man band! He does everything, and takes a band with him when he tours. He helps out struggling artists with NOTHING records. He gave us Manson, which... sometimes I regret.

But, my words are meaningless. This man is a saint. I love him dearly... and the only thing we share is the same home start. I haven't moved up to stalker level, though


1.)The sole member of Nine Inch Nails and founder of Nothing records. 2.)The creator of all that is industral music. 3.)The most strangely seductive genius of our time. 4.) Sexiest man alive (or dead for that matter.) 5.) God

Stop trying so hard to be come truely great, you'll never be another Trent Reznor.


A talented musician, responsible for Nine Inch Nails and Nothing records. He is a great songwriter and his music can enrapture some.

If you like music NIN is a band that'll do something for you

See Sheri


a great musician, song writer, and a brilliant producer, other than being pure sex incarnate.

he has such pretty thoughts.


a beautiful boy who has managed to create absolutely original music, generate excruciatingly profound lyrics, and continue way into his 30's

Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails


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