What is Trigasm?


Okay if you do this I guarantee that this girl will want you forever. Lick her clitorisor just grab it with 2 fingers, put two more up her cuntand find her g-spot. This is a girl's most sensitive area. Tilt it a little closer to you and press down on it. If you are licking her clit then take 2 fingers and put them up her ass woww my bf did this once omg this shouldn't be called trigasm I had a million trust me

my bf:(Presses g-spot)



See clitoris, clit, cunt, g-spot, orgasm


A method of giving a female the ultimate in orgasmic pleasure. Similar to the shocker, except with a clit-grab. Match your thumb to your pinky, and index to ring. Thumb and pinky are used to gently squeeze the clit, with index and ring going in the vagina. Middle finger goes right up the butt.

Dude, last night I hooked up with Suzy Fuxalot. I gave her the trigasm and she came for hours!


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