Trigga Jigga

What is Trigga Jigga?


A term coined by a group of white suburban kids to refer to black people and jews, as well as almost anything and everything that crosses their path that they deem "trigga jigga" worthy. This phrase has been so integrated into their vocabulary that they blurt it out at any given moment, resembling a case of tourettes syndrome. Anything that rhymes with "trigga jigga" may also start seeping into the young white male's vocabulary such as "rigga", used to refer to anything that is good. For example, while patiently waiting for the blunt to be passed, he might say, "Yo, pass that rigga". OR, he may use a shortened version of the word saying, "Yo, pass that rig". The origin of this language is yet to be determined but it has most certainly passed into the Chicagoland area from either California or south Florida. Anyone who hangs out with a "trigga jigga" man may at first be extremely annoyed. However, as time passes, not only will you accept the language, but start integrating it into your own.

Babe, where are you taking us? Look at all these triggas.

I can't believe that trigga jigga ripped us off on the weed.

Yo nigga, pass that rigga.

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