Triple Entente

What is Triple Entente?


The act of simultaneously giving felacio to three different persons.

Marisa Robinson did some mad ass triple entente.

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In response to the triple alliance, France and Britain signed an entente cordiale, which meant they would protect eachother in case of war. This agreement celebrated its centenery this week. In 1907 Russia, also concerned about growing German navy joined, so that Germany would have to face a war on two fronts should it attack either. This was known as the triple entente. Separtly, Russia promised to defend Serbia from the Triple alliance.

When Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in 1914 Serbia, Austria-Hungary Declared a state of War on Serbia. Because of this, Russia, Britain and France declared war on Austria-Hungary, and Germany and Italy declared war on Russia. Britain and France declared war on Italy and Germany and thus created the massive conflict known as WORLD WAR I

The triple entente were mached only in power by the triple alliance. When the sides sqaured off, it took five years for the triple entente to win the war.

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