What is Tritium?


a low energy beta emmitting isotope of hydrogen containing 2 neutrons and 1 proton.

i spilled tritium on myself but didn't worry about it because the radiated particles aren't energetic enough to penetrate the layer of dead skin that covers my body

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A very intelligent person and great singer. Loves a variety of musicals and shows such as Lost and Bones.

Basically one of the most awesomest people on the planet.

Tritium is a great friend and has amazing hair.

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About the most expensive fucking thing on the planet. Used in watches and gun sights to make them glow.

No example needed, you tosser.


as stated above; also. Part of a thermoneculear bomb. IT is sent into fusion by way of a fissile reaction. (Uranium bomb, plutonium gun) Then it procedes to be setn off by the extreme heat and presure into fusion to form He-3. The end result is KA FUCKING BOOOM!

Fat boy was a plutonium gun of about 750Kton. Mike was a tritium fusion bomb, about 10Mtonnes.


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