What is Trix?


that cereal those kids wont give to that damn rabbit

Bitch pass the trix I'm hungry.


things, overall stuff, life. Usually used to ask someone how things are.

So how's trix?

How's trix?


A cereal that a certain rabbit really wants, but is always confiscated at the last second by kids who discriminate against age and species.

<Kid> Silly rabbit, Trix are for--

<Trix Rabbit> God dammit! IT'S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR DECADES NOW! That does it, I'm getting my lawyer!


Maybe if the stupid rabbit didn't spend so much time talking about Trix's fruity flavor and just ate the goddamn cereal, he would probably realize how shitty it actually tastes.

Stupid rabbit. Trix are for fags.

See hmmmm


1. Someone (usually a girl) who's a tease.

2. Someone who is young and naive.

1. That trix is like those kids who tease the poor rabbit.

2. She pretends to be grown-up, but she's really just a trix.

See tease, girl, naive, tricks


1. A type of breakfast cereal

2. Short for Toyota's "hip" new small SUV/station wagon crossover - the Matrix. A car that despite being targeted towards young people is still mostly purchased by senior citizens.

1. I ate some Trix for breakfast this morning.

2. My grandmother just bought a toyota 'trix.

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The act of possesing drugs

BIlly just bought a bag of trix


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